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We sent our Augusta EZFix car seat to Bizziebaby reviewers and we have earned a brilliant 13/15 stars. Below is what the 2 of the reviewers had to say!

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Claire Awarded The Augusta EZfix Group 2/3 Car seat 5/5

When this arrived I was impressed with how much protection it had round the sides. Also how it came in two parts. One of the easiest instructions to follow they were straight forward. It was easy to install I have access to a Vauxhall Zafira.

The seat fitted in with no issues. This has so much side protection compared to my regular booster seat. I felt peace of mind knowing my daughter had a sturdy booster seat to protect her.  I don’t have a isofix point so didn’t use this method to install the seat. We would fix in car by simply folding the connectors away and use as a normal car seat.  It fitted perfectly first time.

Some seats you have to manoeuvre about to get a secure fit. But I didn’t have issues with this seat.  My daughter commented how comfortable it was compared to her regular booster seat. The headrest was easy to adjust the mechanism was very smooth. I find some headrests on other seats very stiff to move. My daughter said it was very comfortable and didn’t irritate her. I used it 7 times in total shorter and longer trips. I have used this in two vehicles.

My sister used it when my daughter went on a day trip with her. My sister commented on how sturdy it was and easy she managed to install it.  I have not had to remove the car seat covers yet. But they look easy enough to remove. I totally agree this is ideal for a wide age group. This is light and easy to use and no problem using in other vehicles.  We have now stopped using our old booster seat because my daughter loves this one now.  We are going away in August so she is looking forward to spending more time in it. I loved the side protection, the ease of installing, The washable cover.

My daughter loved the comfort it offers on longer journeys and she would fall asleep. Definitely it’s worth it for the amount of use you will get out of it. It’s built like a tank one of the best booster seats I’ve used. I would buy this as safety is a big consideration when purchasing a booster seat. I’ve never seen one like this for protection/comfort. I would recommend as it is a great quality seat and will last for the years. It’s one of the best car seats out there. It is well built will last for years. This is well built, great protection, comfortable, washable covers, value for money. Peace of mind. Claire – Natalie 8 Years

Child Car Seat Category Image

Zoe Awarded The Augusta EZfix Group 2/3 Car seat 4/5

On first arrival the seat looked a little plain and I was concerned that it may not have been very strong, but on opening I could see this was not the case. The instructions were a little basic but easy to follow. We have a ford fiesta and found it fairly easy to install, the only issue is that it is quite wide at the base so when we used it in my mother in laws mini we struggled to do up the belt. I definitely felt confident Chloe was safe in this car seat.

She definitely looked and felt more secure than if she was only in a high back booster however I feel that she would be even safer if there was more side support. The Isofix points were effective but the seat was slightly more difficult to install when using the connectors. The seat itself felt secure but my daughter was easily able to remove the seatbelt from the seatbelt positioner, meaning it ended up in the wrong positioner thus making it less safe.

My daughter said the seat itself was comfortable and she enjoyed being a big girl. The height adjustable headrest was very easy to use with simple to follow instructions, it could easily be moved up and down. The side winds and headrest were well padded and effective but I would have liked a little extra on the side for added protection.

We used this every day for school pickups. We used this in my Fiesta and my mother in laws mini. I know the car seat covers are removable but I have not had to wash these yet. I do agree this is ideal from 4-11 years as I feel it will grow well with my daughter. I only moved it once to use in another car  but it was lightweight and easy to use. I took this down to Wales on holiday and it was light enough had we needed to use it whilst there.

I liked how easy it was to install and use. My daughter loved how it was a big girl seat and the support it gave her back. This is very cost effective given how long it will last. It is average quality, it doesn’t feel cheap but equally does not feel luxurious. I would buy this due to how long it will last, it would make a good spare. I don’t think I would purchase it as a main seat as I would like the option of a harness as well. I would recommend particularly for those with older children as it will last a long time. Overall it was a good experience and my daughter found the seat comfortable. I found it easy to install and fit for purpose. Zoe – Chloe 4 Years 5 Months

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