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Our Values

Our motto at Cozy N Safe is “without compromise”. That’s because everything we do here is without out compromise. Let us explain…

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As parents ourselves we know how important it is that your child is comfy. Our seats are tested by the biggest critics around, our own children. All of our seats have extra deep cushioning and are made from the most luxurious and hard wearing materials, to keep them cozy for as long as possible.

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The safety of your child is and will always be our number one priority. The person you care most about in the world is sitting in our seat and you trust that they are safe. We take this very seriously. That’s why every seat is tested rigorously to the highest standards and beyond. In house & real world testing ensures the safety of our seats outside of the testing facility.

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We believe quality in the quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is key, if you’re not happy we’re not happy. We can boast a less than half % return rate on all of our car seats. A Cozy N Safe child means a happy parent or guardian. Our seats are designed with deep padding and are made from the most luxury and tough materials ensuring they last as long as you need them and beyond.

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We develop car seats to the highest standards, adhering to the most current safety regulations, providing peace of mind to any parent or guardian. Every decision we make is purposely made with the child in mind. Each new development we strive make parents’/guardians’ lives easier and children’s lives more comfortable and ultimately safer.

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We are an ethically responsible company, it’s not just about making a bottom line profit but providing the best possible service and products that we can.  We go to great lengths to give back to the community through charitable donations.  

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We care about every seat, we know our seats carry the most precious cargo, your children. That’s why nothing is too much hassle, we will help in any way we can from ensuring your car seat is fitted correctly to safety tips and more. Our customer care doesn’t end with the sale of the child’s car seat. Our aftercare team are dedicated to ensure customers are happy with their car seat whether you have had it for 2 days or 2 years. We are always here for you.

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Comfort and safety shouldn’t cost the earth. Every family is different and we design our range to fit every family at every stage. From newborn to booster seats, our Cozy N Safe range offers versatility at affordable prices without compromising on quality.  We have even been featured on the BBC Shop Well For Less show!


We take these values so seriously we called the company after them…

Cozy N Safe.