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We can’t winning awards! We sent our Hudson car seat to Bizziebaby reviewers and we have earned an astounding 14/15 stars. Below is what the 2 of the reviewers had to say!

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Sarah Awarded The Cozy N Safe Hudson Group 1/2/3 Car Seat 5/5

Looks so expensive and posh, looked very padded. Very nice design, looks sturdy and expensive. Really good instructions for fitting in lots of ways. Absolutely loved the video as it was very clear and thorough it went through all the different ways to fit it. This was very easy to set up I read the instructions and watched the video with my husband before we tried it. We tried it in our Ford Kuga it was fine we tried it with and without the isofix as we thought it would be useful to be able to use in different cars if grandparents etc had to borrow it. Very easy to get the children in and out the seat was very padded and they looked really comfortable. The harness was easy to adjust and felt very secure. I had 100% faith in this seat as it was so padded and supported them very well and felt very firmly in place.

Loved all the side protection definitely gave us peace of mind that they were safe. So easy to adjust the headrest height we tried it with both children, such a good design. I can see that this is very adaptable for all ages from 1 as you can adjust lots of parts of it and it felt secure all ways. We tried with both our children 2 and nearly 4 and both really loved it our eldest said it felt like a comfy sofa giving her a hug they looked secure and seemed very safe.

Because of lockdown we haven’t travelled much but we are looking forward to using  it for our holiday to Cornwall in May. Loved the material as I think it would be easy to wipe clean in the event of any spillages, also looked very well sewn so I think it will last really well. We will definitely Continue to use this for many years we also think we will purchase another for our other child to use as seems far comfier and sturdier than our usual ones. We haven’t had to clean it yet but I can tell this would be pretty easy to clean looking at the materials.

I loved how comfy and secure my children looked in this car seat. Looks such good quality very posh looking ,nice material, good fit. Excellent value for money as one seat will see them through many years so no need to buy several seats over the years. We think we will buy one for our other child as they both want to sit in it. I have and will recommend to friends and family as we are very impressed with it.  

Does exactly what you want it to do.  Looks so much more expensive than it is, looks excellent quality, fits well, lovely padding, easy to follow instructions, easy to adjust, comfy, safe, great value will last for many years, looks easy to clean, fantastic, great that you can fit it with and without isofix so very adaptable. Sarah Smith – Konner & Bonnie – 2 Years & 3 Years 6 Months

Child Car Seat Category Image

Elaine Awarded The Cozy N Safe Hudson Group 1/2/3 Car 4/5

The Cozy N Safe Hudson Group 1/2/3 Car Seat was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. The information regarding the safety specifications and certificates, the methods for fitting, the car suitability and the product benefits and specifications are clearly shown on the outside of the box so I could easily assess that it was suitable for our requirements and our type of car, and be assured that it could offer the protection we would expect. On removing from the box, the car seat was packed compactly and it was easy to unpack and prepare for setting up. The seat looked stylish, well made and comfortable.

The design is very appealing to me. It shares some similarities with other products on the market but it has several elements that make it much more individual, stylish and contemporary. It makes me think of a racing car seat a little, with the leather look vinyl, the contrasting top-stitching and piping, and the stitching of the padded areas. The sides of the headrest curve further forward than our previous car seat so offer enhanced comfort and protection for the head as well as looking good. The shape of the side protection areas and the armrest style protection at the pelvic/hip level show careful consideration of balancing stylish, contemporary, yet classic, design with comfort and protection. Our little one thinks it looks really cool and I feel it’s a design that will age well as she grows, and won’t look babyish when she’s older. It’s a very intuitive design, whether setting up or fitting in the car but I found the instruction booklet gives clear pictorial and written guidance on every aspect of setting up, fitting and adjusting, with clear specifics for the different safety groups and the choice of fitting. Particular areas of importance or clarification are emphasised in closer detail so I could be sure I had done everything correctly and safely.

The graphics and instructions printed onto the side of the hard carcass are far more detailed than our previous seat and will be very useful for adjusting the seat as she grows should we misplace the instruction booklet. The instructions were really clear so I didn’t need to use the video but I did watch it and it was very easy to follow for those who find instruction manuals difficult to follow. I found the Cozy N Safe Hudson Group 1/2/3 Car Seat very easy to set up. As well as the detailed instruction booklet, it also came with a card tag attached which gives a very simplified set up/assembly procedure and was perfectly adequate as it is quick and straightforward to align the base and backrest and click the backrest hooks firmly into the base as you raise the backrest up into place. We have a Suzuki S-Cross Sx4 (2017) which has fix points, but as our previous car didn’t have, our previous car seat could only be fitted using the 3-point safety belt, so I was pleased to be able to discover how quick and easy it was to install the Cozy N Safe Hudson car seat using the Ezfix connectors and attach the top tether to the fixing point in the car – ours is on the back of the rear car seat but the instruction booklet gives advice on where they are most commonly found.

The adjuster on the top tether shows green when correctly done so I can be confident that the car seat is secure. I also tested it using the 3-point safety belt installation and this was very easy to do, so it would be handy if you need to use your car seat in various cars, such as the grandparent’s or even just if you’re a two car household. At two and a half, our independent little one likes to try to climb in herself but does need a little assistance and I find it very easy to get her in position and get her arms into the harness. The buckle tongues are very easy to clip together before clicking securely into the buckle. It’s so easy to use the self-adjusting safety harness using the adjuster strap. Pulling the strap at any angle allows you to easily control a secure fit that is also comfortable for the child with the chest pads. To loosen the harness, you just press firmly on the adjuster button, which is hidden under a padded cover towards the front of the car seat, and pull the harness straps towards you. I am able to check physically and visually that she is securely placed and comfortable, and I am confident that she is safe or I wouldn’t have continued to use the car seat. As well as her being able to tell me should it be uncomfortable, her happy scramble to get into the car seat every time is proof indeed that she enjoys travelling in it.

The side impact protection around the head area is very reassuring. The side impact protection on the main body of the chair is sturdy but I wonder whether solid sides might be stronger than these which have an aperture. I would have liked the padding to be a little thicker to absorb more impact and be gentler were she to be thrown against it if we were in an accident. The adjustable headrest mechanism is straightforward to use, making it quite simple to move up and down to the required height but it can be stiff to operate. Being able to adjust it to suit a growing child, and with the incorporated booster seat, as long as the car seat is as robust as it appears, I think it should be perfectly serviceable to use throughout her childhood. I also tested this with a four year old and I could easily adjust the seat to ensure they were safely secured and comfortable. We have been using it at least 5 days per week over the last month.

Although we can’t currently travel far due to the current restrictions here, we have tested this out on all road types from motorway to single track farm road, and she was comfortable and secure on all. We haven’t been able to test comfort over longer journeys so far. The fabric, carcass, straps and hardware seem good quality so far. The car seat seems sturdy and robust. I intend to continue using the Cozy N Safe Hudson car seat as I feel it keeps my child protected and comfortable, and is very easy to use. She is very happy travelling in it and it looks very stylish. I am so impressed with it that I am giving our previous car seat to someone else to use and we will use this one. Easy to clean, for light marks on the fabric I just used a damp cloth and, as we still have little accidents despite being potty trained, the fabric being washable is a bonus. The poppers and elastic make it relatively easy to remove them. Overall I like that my child is comfortable and secure in the car seat but the ease of cleaning and the ability to adjust it for growing children makes it a practical and useful product. It looks good quality, and feels good quality.

I just question whether solid sides might be better than hollowed ones. It’s definitely great value for money at approximately £1 per month to keep our little one protected and comfortable. I would consider buying it as I really like the style of it and our child is comfortable and secure when using it. I would recommend this to friends and family who are looking for a stylish and safe car seat. Super impressed but the niggles about the hollow sides mean I can not give this full marks. Stylish and easy to install, whether with Ezfix or 3-point safety belt. Adjustable to allow for growth throughout childhood and great value for money.

Elaine – Willow 2 Years 6 Months

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